Hot! Who Is This Man?

The People of Dubrovnik: The French Tourist

I’d been in Dubrovnik for less than 2 hours when I arrived at the Pile Gate – the main entrance to Old Town. In the plaza was what had been missing from my trip for a week – the French. I’ve learned from traveling to small and large cities, that French tourists are a secret seal of approval to a city’s beauty. The people of this country don’t waste vacation time with hit or miss villages and destinations. It was my first sign that Dubrovnik was more than a pass through stop.

Also in the plaza was the photo opp view of the small and large circular torrents guarding Dubrovnik with the sea crashing behind them. I turned to the older French man beside me and asked if he would take my photo.

I should have noticed this man did not have a camera. I should have noticed this kind man didn’t see or hear very well…. The man held the camera directly up to his face trying to look thru a viewfinder that doesn’t exist anymore. He randomly aimed in my direction but then couldn’t find the button to take a picture. I moved his hands over to the button. Still problems. So I positioned him where I wanted my photo. I demonstrated how to take a picture. Viola!

He tried. And he tried again. And finally, after much fumbling there was success. Of sorts. I had a picture of me and half the tower. C’est la vie!

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