Hot! What's Shakin', Bacon?

My last night in Barcelona was nearly perfect. I could have gotten on a plane back to Phoenix dreaming about my next vacation.

Last year, thanks to Dave Dodge, I attended a party in Cannes during the festival. I met Luis de Arquer a musician who had composed a score for a film. He gave me one of his CDs, Musica Para Una Viaje, and I listen to it every time I want to remember my trip to Italy. He lives in Barcelona and we managed to meet up. He showed me his home in Gracia, a Grenwich Village type neighborhood with narrow streets filled with scooters and pedestrians. His Casa dels Musics also doubles as a music school on the first floor with tiny studios and a 50 person “auditorium” where he produces operas.

He and his girlfriend Anna live on the second floor with their cat Lara – named for Dr. Zhivago’s love. The walls are covered in paintings his father has done of the family and his small study houses a baby grand piano that six men had to pull up through the garden windows.

We met with their friend Jorge and after beers and a few minutes of the football match, we walked around the corner to their favorite restaurant – La Cova d’en Vidalet. We ate and talked until 1am. Jorge and Luis walked me back to my hostel and Jorge, who is learning English from his girlfriend told me the one phrase he had practiced and perfected with an English accent: “See you later, alligator.” He also knew the response: “After a while, crocodile!” This loses something in the written form because his accent was less than perfect. It is also such an old phrase, I had to laugh a little.

He asked for a new phrase, and stumped, I gave him a Will-ism. He will now come to the U.S. asking people “What’s shakin’, bacon?” So if a barcelonan ever asks you this, ask him if he knows the girl from Arizona.

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