Hot! What’s in a Name?

This week a friend of mine is riding around the Yucatan Peninsula. Sure there are the obvious things you do in this part of Mexico: find a quiet island beach, see some Mayan ruins, drink a few cervezas. But during his planning, a little spot on the map caught his eye – and mine. In an instant the little town of Xcan was added to the itinerary.

Sometimes a name is all it takes to get us to detour off the main road. In my post-college days when most of my fashion came from a certain clothing store, I once drove around the Grand Canyon just to see what The Gap, Arizona was all about.

Before that I followed an arrow on a California road pointing to Independence. I found it a few hundred miles later in Flagstaff, Arizona.

In Colorado, I think I would have been drawn to the town of Golden even without the call of a certain brewery. Later, I found myself on top of Lily Mountain courtesy of my alter-ego.

And who wouldn’t be tempted to stop in Pietown, New Mexico? Be assured you would not be disappointed in this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town with two dueling pie cafes.

Sure, some towns like Wall Drug, South Dakota, literally beg you to stop. But who can really say no to a Jackalope?

So why Xcan, Mexico? Those who know me and my beloved Xterra, know the answer.

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