Hot! We're All From Barcelona

Barcelona has been a city of chance encounters.

• On Sunday I met a great woman from San Francisco traveling by herself for the first time. We ended up sharing lunch and talking about the ups and downs of being solo gals in foreign lands. Unfortunately, it was her last day otherwise I’m sure we would have spent more time together exploring the city.

• After I left, I went to Parc Güell, the Gaudi designed park looking over the city. It was supposed to be a planned community of sorts with 20 houses. Gaudi’s and one other were the only two built. As I wandered around I saw a man lounging on a stone wall. It reminded me of Josh and his ability to find the chaise lounge in a pile of rock. We started a small conversation and he told me the history of the park. It turns out he lives in the second house in the park. It was designed by his father.

• Yesterday I avoided laundry by checking emails in this cheesy tourist bar in Las Ramblas. It’s mostly Brits trying to hook up. Noisy and sticky but it has free wifi – not an easy find here. On my way back, I passed a bar with a camera crew inside. At first I thought it was a news crew, but they spoke English. I stopped to see what was going on and – wholly cow! It was Rick Steeves filming his next series!!! I pulled out my camera and journal and asked for a picture and autograph. He tried to ask me what I’d seen, but I was so star struck all I could say was “I love Barcelona!” I’m such a dork! I should have given him that Bourbon Street line.

• This morning, the celebrity sightings continued. I found Mercat Boqueria and had an amazing quiche breakfast. As I ate a well dressed woman, youngish man and older man came by. The older man was clearly an ex-athelete, but I couldn’t place him. They ate at the opposite end of the bar and I know someday it will click. I’ll let you know.

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