Hot! Welcome to the Jungle

I had only one objective on my trip to Belize – to see the Mayan pyramids. So even though everyone arrives on the coast in Belize City, I wasted no time getting on the first bus to the jungle border town of San Ignacio.

The good thing about small countries, is that there are only so many roads in and out of cities. In Belize, this makes for an efficient bus system. There was one going west just after I arrived at the station. Of course, with so few roads, most of the buses are locals meaning it is a slow trip with many stops to your destination.

In a little over 2 hours, I was finally in San Ignacio and gladly got off the crowded bus. I walked around the town square, disoriented and tired before opting to take a cab up the road to my pit stop.

Soon, I was walking the path to a group of small cabins in the woods. The Trek Stop is a popular backpacker stop providing cabins for $15 / night and camping for $5. The owners showed me the rainwater showers and composting bathrooms. Soon I was chatting with other travelers who had been circling Belize for weeks.

As I stood in the main compound getting the skinny on tours and neighboring villages a large green parrot came to roost high in the palm trees. Once settled, it looked just like another leaf in the dense landscape. Welcome to the jungle.

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  1. San Ignacio was my favorite place in Belize.