Hot! Tso Long Tsubos

Shoes seem to be the ultimate challenge to my trips. How many pairs to take? What will be comfortable walking cobblestone streets? What will look somewhat stylish? I also have to factor in hiking to climbing trails. Last year, I abandoned a pair of Pumas mid trip because they were too hard on my feet.

This year I went back to what I knew worked – my Tsubos. I’d worn them on my first trip to Italy and they are comfortable walking shoes, can pass as Italian fashion, and work well for short hikes.

Unfortunately, I put one too many kilometers on this pair. Two days into the trip I had a blow out. They were still fine for hiking trails, but looked pretty shabby walking about town. I converted to my Chaco sandals for the rest of my time in Finale. I thought I could easily pick up a new pair of shoes in Venice. But I didn’t like the fashions this year – and the exchange rate made everything too outrageous.

I quickly found out you might as well be barefoot as walk in flip flops in Bologna and Milan. In the end, I would have been better off in 10 euro cheapies.

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