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A month ago I left Finale and started my journey back to Arizona. I’ve been lost in time and space ever since. My airplane time machine should have just taken me back nine hours, and if I had only been gone a few weeks, I would have adjusted to my present after a few days of strange sleep.

But after three months living my dream life, moving backwards wasn’t as simple as sleeping off jet lag. I got off the plane not just 90 days in the past, but 16 years. I was a stranger in a strange land starting my life in desert again.

I was confused as Rip Van Winkle. Friends had lost weight, gotten pregnant, cut their hair. Neighbors had passed on. The price of coffee went up. I kept hours that didn’t fit with Italy or Arizona. English seemed as difficult to speak as Italian did in Finale.

In a week my life began to shift back to how it was when I left. The cats came back, I had a car, and I was rushing off to meetings – still running late. I slept more than four hours, but still had a schedule that didn’t coincide to either life. And when I slept I would dream of Finale and talk to my friends in Italian.

I spent another two weeks with flashes of deja’vu: watching Wimbledon in hotel rooms as I drove the cats to Phoenix, climbing in Atlantis at six in the morning before the temperature reached 110, and the Grateful Dead seemingly on every radio.

Then last week I took a nap and woke up with a familiar traveler panic of disorientation: where was I and what time was it? It was jet lag sleep. Finally. And in a few seconds my mind and body battle with time and place was over. The Girl From Arizona was in Arizona.

Now as I go through photos and videos, I catalogue my time in Italy and put it in the past. But I know Finale waits for me, and I also make my new plans for the future.

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  1. Finale waits for you!