Hot! Colorado Family: The LaMontes

The LaMonte’s were the perfect Colorado hosts. Ingrid, Rich, Penelope and Porter showed off the hospitality and community of Fort Collins despite their busy schedules.

Ingrid and Rich gladly offered me all sorts of transportation for my trip from

Rich’s classic Comet, Ingrid’s less terrifying Honda, and a beach cruiser for in-city trips. Ingrid and her gal pal’s took me out on the town to the local bars, and after my day trip to Lily Mountain and the New Belgium tour, I joined the family for a swim at the community pool.

It was my first real chance to meet Ingrid’s children Penelope and Porter. I’d read about their adventures in Ingrid’s blog, but these two active youngsters live large beyond their electronic journal. I was barely in the door when both

began instructing me on the plans for the evening. We packed up a wagon with beverages and towels, changed into our suits, and collected their bikes, all the while hearing stories of their day, meeting their favorite toys, and stopping briefly to read a book.

Eventually, we walked down the block to the pool, where the two swam circles around me. I retreated to the sidelines and shared a “mom pop” with Ingrid. Back at the house that evening, we dined on burritos smothered in home-made green chile pork sauce.

It was an average night for the LaMontes, but for me it was a peek into Colorado life, and as memorable as any of my foreign adventures.

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