Hot! The End of The Affair

Like any good love affair, the attraction Josh and I had for the Red Rock Rendezvous was instant and intense: Clinics taught by top athletes, thousands of participants from around the country, a Fat Tire beer truck with gratis beer each night, and a picture perfect setting just outside the park. And like any affair, we left the festival vowing to “see you the same time next year.”

We talked up the Rendezvous to who ever would listen and quickly signed up when we received our registration notices. But sadly, our return to our festival mistress this year was tainted with age and change.

Gone was the camping in the state park’s grassy meadow beside the expo and staging area. Officially, Nevada laws about camping had changed. Unofficially we heard rumors of vandalism the year before. So instead, we were carted off a mile down the road to camp in a dirt lot beside horse stables. It smelled like horse poo. And when the epic winds the festival is also known for kicked up, our tent filled with dust. We slept in the car.

With the camping a mile away in such unpleasant conditions, no one spent time at the campsites. The unreliable shuttle busses took us back to the expo but then everyone promptly left when the program was over. The social vibe was gone.

Granted, the Rendezvous still had some appeal. The clinics were top notch, I won the dyno contest and The North Face raffle. I met one of my climbing heros and other very cool participants. But when the Fat Tire beer left me with a nasty rash …. Well, that’s when it’s time to say “goodbye, lovah.”

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