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People of Dubrovnik: Nina and Peter Brunsko

The bus ride to Dubrovnik was one of the most scenic I’ve ever taken – hugging the coastline like California’s Highway 101 – we watched the scenery changed from pretty to stunning. It’s strange what a difference a couple hundred kilometers can make.

We were greeted like rock stars in Dubrovnik by an excited group of travel agents and women who rent out apartments in their homes. These sobe are common and the city approves the families and their apartments – an official soba will have a sign with a star ranking. It was my plan to stay with one of these families for my time in Dubrovnik, but my dislike of Split had me focused on the original goal of this trip – to see Montenegro. So when I arrived, tired as I was, I was focused on finding another bus to take me across the border. Until I met Nina.

Nina Brunsko let me wave off the initial mob as we disembarked then quietly approached me as I waited to get my suitcase. Like a kind mother hen, she urged me to spend the night in Dubrovnik and go to Montenegro in the morning. She showed me pictures of her apartment with a private room and bath, and quoted me a price so affordable I was easily tempted at the thought of a good night’s sleep. Nina’s kindness was the final incentive to stay in this friendly beach town.

Nina called her husband Peter for the car, and soon was driving me into the hills pointing out city landmarks, bus routes and stores. Once I settled in, she gave me a map and directions to the Old Town and nearby beaches. I put my swimsuit on under my clothes, packed a shirt for the evening and was off to enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon.

If you’re ever in Dubrovnik and would like to enjoy Nina’s hospitality, you can reach her at:

Nina Brunsko
Janjevska 13
20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia (search “brunsko”)

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  1. Hi Lily,
    I am a cousin of Nina. I was looking for her e-mail address when I came across your blog. I loved Dubrovnik. Her house was being remodeled when we were there in '06 so we stayed with a friend. She was a great host, though and took us all around the city. Thanks for posting her address and e-mail! Sara