Hot! Swing Town

This entry is dedicated to my friend Jerry Swing.

No more than 30 minutes on the train and the landscape of Scary Town faded to pastoral wine country. I entered La Rioja on my way to Logroño. Logroño is one of those storybook towns with multiple churches centered by the two towers of La Ronda and bordering a lazy river. It is a stop on the pilgramage and hikers and backpackers were everywhere. It will have its own marathon in two week and runners dashed through the tiny streets of the old town.

I stayed in the university district in a dirt cheap hostel, had a beer and tapas in old town, then accidently found my way to the river walk. It was sunset as I crossed the foot bridge into the small neighboring town. It was a warm spring Friday night and the whole town was out. It was dark, but I felt perfectly safe strolling the river walk, even taking a picture for a group of teens.

I re-entered Logroño and passed the Swing Bar, ironically across the street from The Drunken Duck. I had to stop and have my first glass of Rioja wine. I put a Swing Mix on the iPod and relaxed. The building across the street had circular opaque windows, and almost at the same time, the girl at the next table and I looked up at one that had just lit up. We had front row seats to a shadowed peep show of a man taking a shower. It was just like a scene out of Seinfeld and we were in hysterics.

Side note: So Seinfeld is a bee? What’s up with that?

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