Hot! Split!

Some town names beg to be followed by an exclamation point. Is it possible to say Surprise, Arizona without a cheer equal to jumping out from behind a sofa on a friend’s birthday? And can anyone say Eureka, California without the “I found it” joy of a mid-century gold miner?

Add Split, Croatia to this list.

I arrived in Croatia after a long day of train and plane travel from Finale, Milan and Rome. The views of the coast line and small islands just off shore had me thinking of a slow hop along sandy beaches as I would make my way south to Montenegro. But Split was a port town and what people do in port towns is come and go. Getting to the islands wasn’t an easy day trip on the ferries, and it wasn’t quite season for entreprenuerial water taxis. In general, the town lacked a certain friendliness.

After 12 hours and wasted time trying to figure out what was and wasn’t possible to get to those pretty little islands, I realized the city’s name was a command. So I split!

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