Hot! Scary-goza


















I mapped out a plan to hit Northern Spain before heading to Barcelona. First stop was Zaragoza, a town the guidebooks said was ancient transitioning to modern. The modernism was evident at the train station with free wifi and comfortable red chairs. I continued to see the contrasts at the basillica plaza again with free wifi up against a centuries old church.

The trouble began as I wandered toward the Pablo Serrano museum. A man approached and asked me what I thought of Zaragoza, I responded as best I could and he continued talking. He quickly turned into one of those men who wants to be your companion for the day. Eeew!

I left him behind, but the word was out: single girl in a Town Without Pity. After the museum, I rested, then ventured out for dinner. I stopped at a cute seafood place in a tiny plaza. The waiter spoke a little English, as did the men sitting next to me. Soon the waiter was bringing me beer after beer. Then he didnĀ“t want to give me a bill. The men next to me begged me to go out for another drink. The waiter asked me to call him. Cue the Psycho music and pan the frame out to see I am fresh meat in a pool of sharks.

I went back to my hotel room to do laundry and caught the next train out. Advice to other single gals – make this a 2 hour stop over to see Serrano’s giant piece of bread, then go on to….

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