Hot! Rome’s Parting Shots

48 Hours Rome

I dedicated my last hours in Rome to wine and food. After moving through the herd at Vatican City, I jumped into the rat race of Roman rush hour on the city bus. I’d forgotten that it was a weekday and traffic was crawling. After just one stop, I was off the bus seeking peace along the back streets of the Trastevere neighborhood.

I was joined by another American I’d met at the Vatican and together we did a short wine bar hop toward the Campo de’ Fiori. It’s always nice to speak your native language after a few weeks of travel, and we shared pictures and stories of other Italian towns we’d visited.

From the Campo we decided to have a nice meal – always harder to do when you’re traveling alone. But it was Monday and most restaurants are closed on this day. We’d wandered back into the Testaccio neighborhood with some guidebook recommendations and instead found a very out of place pyramid. The Pyramid of Gauis Cestius was built in 1st Century BC – even though it looked like it came from 1950s America.

While the restaurant recommended in our guide had closed, locals directed us to another just across the street. We made a reservation and returned a few hours later. I quickly found out my Italian didn’t extend to fine dining. No one really spoke English and I didn’t understand the dish descriptions. So we looked at other tables, pointed at plates and just plain guessed. Fortunately in Italy, you can never go wrong with food and wine. The meal was outstanding, the wine delicious.

After 48 hours in Rome, I felt full, complete and ready for my next visit.

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