Hot! Rome Roundup

48 Hours Rome

As if there were any doubts about my ability to see Rome in less than two days, I’d checked most of the tourist highlights and more off my list in just 24 hours:

  • Lost in Rome
  • Tourist walk past Piazza Navano, Panthenon, Trevi Fountain
  • Threw a coin into the Trevi
  • Drank espresso with the locals
  • Awestruck at the Forum
  • Met Constantine at the Capitolini Museums
  • Saw a Roman wedding
  • Tourist walk through Trastevere
  • Happy houred with the locals
  • Saw the Colloseum (from a wayward bus ride)
  • Rode the metro
  • Walked the Spanish Steps

What does Day Two hold? A quick preview:

  • Two markets
  • Walk through a “no-English” neighborhood
  • Vatican City
  • Wine bar hopping
  • Dinner at a “no-English” restaurant

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