Hot! Rocks and Scooters

Photo of the Day

Another summer is in the books in Arizona and that means two of my favorite things are back on the regular schedule: Scooters and rocks.  But unfortunately, not at the same time.

In Finale, my first Italian scooter ride couldn’t have been better as I jumped on the back of my roommate’s moto with a visiting friend and we sped off toward the rocks. The helmet case was converted into a rope box and we had our gear in one pack. We took the back road out of town careful to avoid the carabinieri – my friend did not have a helmet which is now a big no-no in Italy. On a spring afternoon the town quickly disappeared with a turn and we followed a creek up into the hills. The temperature seemed to drop with every curve. Soon, we saw our exit off the main road and passed through a “town” of four buildings. The paved road ended and we continued on the gravel trail stopping directly in front of the rock. It was the perfect approach.

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