Hot! Road Trip

Two of my favorite drives in Oregon are Route 38 that heads southwest through Drain to the coast and Route 58 heading southeast following the McKenzie River through Dexter to Klamath Falls. Both have that mix of green trees, meadows, rivers and twists and turns to make them perfect road trip adventures.

I am headed south toward Madrid and not 20 minutes outside of Logroño, I have found a similar road. It curves through tiny wine country villages nestled along creeks and magnificent rock. It looks chossy to climb, but gets better as we get higher. As we rise, the landscape turns to sparkling forests, small waterfalls and patches of meadows with large happy cows. When we reach the peak, the dammed river opens up and the rocky open spaces are covered in purple lavender with those ankle-high slat fences that I suppose keep the cows in their place.

The landscape changes again as we descend into the territory of Castile Léon – the largest of Spains “states.” It has large farm plots and a much sunnier, drier climate.

If I could speak better Spanish, I would have asked the bus driver to stop at ever turn so I could take pictures. I’m sure he would have obliged and left me to face a new adventure – hitchhiking through Spain…

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