Hot! Return to Flag

I don’t climb in Flagstaff very often and two recent trips to Northern Arizona remind me why. The rock is freakin’ hard!

I was back in The Pit for the first time in two months with Helen, Charlie and Dave – all climbers much stronger than me. Aside from the warm up 9, I didn’t finish much else, but had fun watching the others send their projects and had a very nice nap on a sunny rock bench.

The following week Garn goaded me into a visit to The Draw. This is overhang bouldering – the exact opposite of my face and crimp style. Needless to say, I didn’t send much but always have fun walking from rock to rock in this meadow.

I’ll try not to let another 2 years slip by before more climbing in Flag, but for now and looking forward to my first Groom Creek visit of the year.

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