Hot! Red Shoes for Blue Feet

So Josh and I have this ongoing debate about my love for Italian style walking shoes and how impractical they are for serious walking. Whatever. They look so cool. Before I left on this trip I bought and returned no less than three pairs of shoes finally settling on a pair of pumas. I have never so regretted a purchase. The suede looks soft but is unforgiving. It has no stretch, so as my feet swelled on my flight over, they ached. When my feet swelled more from the hike around Font, they throbbed. I couldn’t get them off fast enough and walked around Paris in my flip flop Chacos. Not very acceptable.

The chacos were better in beachie barcelona, but as soon as the Camper store opened, I was there. Check out the cool red shoes I am stomping around in now. And yes Josh, you can laugh. They are no better than any other pair except that now I look like a barcelonan.

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