Hot! Rained Out

This time of year, the Arizona high country is cooler, but prone to afternoon showers. Our afternoon climbing session in Groom Creek on Saturday was a gamble. We could see thunderheads as we left Phoenix, and hit the storms as we got closer to Prescott. Still when we got to Groom Creek, we had about 20 minutes of ideal climbing conditions – cool temps made the rock super sticky!

Then it started to rain.

Dale, Erin and I caught up with Brian, Jenny, Greg and Bart and waited out the weather at a Starbucks. Unfortunately, it didn’t look promising. When Josh called from Groom Creek with a tentative report of clearing skies and a case of Coors Light, we went to meet him.

It was still too wet to climb, so we cracked open the beers. Us girls stayed near the cars while it drizzled, but the sounds of boys getting into mischeif drew us out. Sure enough, a few Coors Light and the guys were redecorating the Lower Island, moving and cracking open small boulders. I’m not sure what the master plan was, but it kept them busy.

As it got darker, the rain got heavier. We huddled under Facelift rock while Dale, Bart and Greg pantomimed moves for classic routes. Sometimes the rock is just a bit player in a good climbing weekend.

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