Hot! Paris Dazed…

Aside from lack of sleep, my flight to Paris was uneventful. I have been here so often, it is almost becoming routine. That is the feeling I’ve had on my first day. I wasn’t able to check into the hostel for a few hours, so I wandered to the Picasso Museum – the one thing on my list I have tried to do each time I am here. I always get lost, or finally arrive and it is closed. It has almost been a curse.

Today was a lost day. In an effort to save space, I brought an outdated guidebook. Then I left it in my bag at the hostel. It is worthless now. I made a big circle around the Picasso until I finally found it. It was worth the effort. Even in my exhausted state, the scope of his work was amazing.

Afterwards – hungry and incredibly tired – I kept passing people carrying the largest pitas I’d ever seen. I followed the falafels and a happy man made me a pita loaded with everything from hummus to carrots, eggplant and cucumbers. I grabbed a Biba and water and headed to the park – finally feeling like I was in a Paris vibe.

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