Hot! One For Quimixto

On my second day in Puerto Vallarta I decided to take a water taxi to some of the smaller beaches. After eyeing the small boat that was the taxi, seeing it loaded with 30+ people and luggage, and worrying that there were only a dozen lifejackets, I got on board. Everyone except me was going to the resort beach of Yelapa. As we pulled off the head guy yelled to the pilot – “One for Quimixto!”

Thirty minutes later we pulled up to a small dock and I was quickly dispatched at Quimixto. I looked at the small village just waking up for the morning and hoped the boat would remember to pick me up in the afternoon.

I hiked inland to a waterfall I had read about. Most visitors are encouraged to rent horses for the 1/2 mile hike, but no one bothered me. I made it to the waterfall and was a little disappointed. It was hardly Fantasy Island. It was hardly the creeks we have in Arizona. I took photos and walked back to the beach.

When I got back the beach in front of the village was busy with day visitors from other villages and a cruise ship. I walked on, past the creek from the waterfall, until the people were a distant memory. No one was there except for a few lounge chairs and a taco stand. “Tiene cerveza?” I asked. Of course!

I sat with a Corona and listened to the surf with a local family and a few cruise ship adventurers, and thought maybe it won’t be so bad if that taxi doesn’t show up…

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