Hot! NG Adventure Magazine

I ended up in Belize because of this article in the now defunct magazine National Geographic Adventure. When I got the tweets that this publication shuttered in December, it was like hearing a dear friend had died. Sure, there are plenty of travel mags and blogs out there, but none were so in tune with my interests. In each issue there would be an item on a trip I had taken and I’d feel a sense of approval. An “I’ve done that!” pride. But there would also be features on places and activities I had never considered. I’d dog ear the stories and add the destinations to my list.

As I sporadically wrote this blog, I’d dream that maybe one day I could write for NG Adventure. While that won’t happen now, its recommendations and style still inspire me – the legacy of any good friendship.

Thanks to the Internet, the stories, tips and resources of NG Adventure are still online at Maybe you’ll find an idea for your next trip.

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