Hot! Locks of Love

A few years ago I noticed a pole in Finale with some padlocks on it. I thought it was strange but was too focused on getting to the rocks to ask anyone about it. Leave it to the cutest couple in Italy to enlighten me on a part of my beloved Italian city I was only barely aware.

Apparently posts and fences in some of Europe’s most romantic cities have become new symbols of love. While no one knows exactly where or how it started, most attribute it to an Italian book and movie “I Want You.” But there are also similar rituals in Serbia and Greece.

Whatever the source, it is as timeless a tradition as carving your initials on a tree. Couples will put their names on a padlock and attach it to a fence, post, bridge, etc. in a romantic setting or a place holding personal significance to them. They then throw away the keys, keeping this memento of their love permanently on display.

On the day after my dear friends became engaged against the backdrop of Finale and the Ligurean sea, they attached their padlock to this post I have passed dozens of time with barely a pause. They swapped keys and a kiss then walked hand-in-hand to Finaleborgo for some gelato. I walked behind… Not because I was a little teary-eyed. But because now I had one more reason to return to my adopted home.

The Garn + Joni Show: Locks of Love

(There’s a reason these two are the cutest couple anywhere. Just watch the video. Dare you not to go “awwww.”)


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