Hot! Italy in 8 Days

Photos of the Week: March 20-28

While hosting family, we managed to see and experience most of Northern Italy in one short week.

1. We start in Genoa for a football (soccer) match. Local team Sampdoria takes on Parma… and loses 0-1. // 2. On the way to Florence we stop over in Pisa to see it’s famous tower. // 3. Don’t tell anyone, but I secretly took this photo of Michaelangelo’s David. // 4. Rather than climb the Duomo in Florence, we hike the 414 steps to the top of the bell tower. // 5. A day trip to Assisi to visit with Saint Frances and pray with the monks.

// 6. Bologna is known for its porticos. This peaceful space is in the original university – the oldest in Europe. // 7. The magic of Venice is always amazing. Even more so on cool spring days. // 8. Milan’s Duomo rises out of the ground for a stunning view as you exit the metro.

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