Hot! It’s Stuck on my Mind

Every January I make a list of cities I want to visit for the year. By December the reality rarely matches up with the wishes. This year, Venice is the only city on my list checked off. Not that this is a bad thing. I have been to Bologna, Red Rocks, San Francisco and the Redwoods instead. And now I find myself in Amsterdam.

Why Amsterdam? Some cities show up on your radar and won’t go away, like a song that won’t leave your head. There really is a song about Amsterdam that I like, but the hook probably happened when I bought a cheesy Amsterdam zip up at Goodwill. It turns out it is warm and comfortable and I wear it traveling. So when a week opened up, I thought cooler temps in this other city of canals would be a good escape.

Now it is 50 degrees colder but the Amster zippy is at home. I couldn’t break travel-cool etiquette and actually wear it in its home city.

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