Hot! Hard to Say Goodbye

It doesn’t matter if you travel for business or adventure. Take enough trips, and you begin to search for just the right gear: The best suitcase or pack, clothes that require minimal maintenance, small toiletries, and maybe the most essential item: the best shoes.  Shoes take the brunt of any trip and for my lifestyle need to serve many purposes. Can I hike to a climbing wall in them? Will they look stylish in the city? How many hours can I walk before my feet hurt?

It’s a tough standard to meet, so when I finally find the pair that works, it is very hard to say goodbye. But that day always comes.

These Patagonia’s were made for walking. Who knows just how many miles they’ve logged from Dublin to Dubrovnik, the Emerald City to the City of Lights , and Old Amsterdam to New. Not only do they have good support for all-day walking, but are stylish enough to pass muster in any Seattle coffee shop or Italian piazza. They’re a sturdy leather that resists water and dries fast. Even better – I bought them on sale at my favorite discount gear website: Steep and Cheap.

The soles are worn through in these beloved scarpe and have an embarrassing and annoying squeak when I walk. I’m putting them through their last paces in Finale before I retire them in Phoenix. Next up for testing will be a pair of GoLites. I have high hopes that these “cross-trainers” will serve me well for both climbing approaches and city walks.

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