Hot! Happy Hour

Imagine if most everyone you knew met in one square block. Now imagine it happening every night. This is happy hour in Finale and most Italian villages. Unlike America, there is very little drinking involved — the gelato shop has more business from 5-7. Instead parents walk with their children though the town square, shop owners sit in front of their buildings, and in Borgo, cyclists and climbers recount their day’s adventures.

For me, walking through the square with Ale, it was like being at a magazine party or First Friday in Phoenix. He works in the square and knows everyone, so we chat at the gelato shop, the climbing store, and say hello to a dozen people on the street. I enjoyed it the way I enjoy seeing my friends and work associates at receptions, but would I enjoy it every day? If gelato was included, I think I would.

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  1. How fun, Angela. I hope Italy is treating you well. Safe journey. Bring me some gelato. Rocky Road if they got it.