Hot! Going Green, The Brown Way

Gardening has never been my strong suit. It’s something about all the maintenance. I’ve never kept plants in my house, and as a homeowner I’ve succeeded in killing two 40+ year old pine trees and a tangerine tree mostly from lack of water. I’m pretty sure I’d forget to feed my cats if they didn’t cry and threaten to poop in my shoe when their dish is empty.

So I never paid much attention to lawn care and going green until someone told that all it took to put in desert landscape was to kill your yard. This had potential. Throw in a rebate from the city for all the water I would supposedly save and help from Al Gore himself, and I have a new weekend obsession.

I’m changing out the grass for landscape rock and a few desert plants. No water required. Little did I know how much work it really takes to kill grass. Josh and I sweated it out digging up the sprinklers and creating ditches around the perimeter. That is until neighbor Alan Gore showed up with his rototiller and lent a hand. You know what they say… It takes a village.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea! Arizona has some beautiful native plants.