Hot! Full Circle

Three years ago I decided to do what I should have done in my 20s. I packed a backpack and set off for Italy. I had just read The Rock Warrior’s Way to help my climbing and it challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. So I did. I had read about a small climbing village on the Ligurean sea in Northern Italy. With only an Italian phrase book in hand, I went to this village, found the rock climbing store and somehow was directed to a local man who climbed every day on his lunch break.

That local man is now my good friend Alesandro Como, and he has introduced me to many of the other amazing people of Finale Ligura. Anyone who knows me, knows I return to Finale every year for more climbing and life adventures then I ever imagined when I packed my bag in 2006.

So just picture the smile that crossed my face when I walked into Rockstore this year. Sitting on the table by the register was a familiar book in a now familiar language. The Rock Warrior had come full circle.

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