Hot! Finished…. For Now

I was up with the sun Saturday morning excited that it could be the last day of shoveling, hauling, and drilling. After running errands for a few supplies and renting a compactor, Josh and I were back to work on the bocce court. He cut the border timbers, drilled holes for the rebar and set them in place while I shoveled the crushed granite into the pit with my friend Helene.

By late afternoon we were watering the granite, packing it down to a hard surface and leveling out the high areas. There were just a few more border logs to place, but the sun was gone. It was a quick job Sunday morning and soon we were testing out the court.

The crushed granite has created a nice, fast surface that we’ll use for a while. The search for clay still continues, and now the search for accessories. I’ve entered the bocce subculture and need monogrammed bowls and a scoreboard just in case Josh ever lets me win a game.

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  1. So much hard work! But it looks beautiful. Congradulations. 🙂