Hot! Final Steps

48 Hours Rome

8 – 11 pm

A public bus pass is one of the cheapest ways to see a city and take some pressure off aching feet. I’ve had unprompted guided tours on buses in Barcelona, amusement park style rides through the streets of Puerto Vallarta, and efficient loops through Amsterdam. But Rome’s buses trump the list.

  • As I mentioned before, there are no cues to your next stop. If you don’t know the city, you just have to guess or ask.
  • It’s the same just trying to get on the bus. They don’t stop at the designated areas unless you step into the street and flag them down. You have to be aggressive or they’ll fly right by.
  • Once you’re on and know where you’re going, you’re still in for a ride. They are packed with people on hot, humid days riding down centuries old cobblestone streets… Let’s just say it’s one way to meet the locals.

Granted, the buses in Rome served me well the first day – even a mistake took me on a panoramic route around the Forum and Colosseum. But after dinner and yet another shower, I was done with the sticky, bumpy rides. I opted for the metro blue line to see the Spanish Steps and a night view of the Colosseum.

To my surprise, the underground was clean… and air conditioned. I was quickly at my first stop and walked out into the young nightlife at the Spanish Steps.

But my steps were slowing after 15 hour day. I climbed to the top. Took in the views, watched the street vendors sweep up their illegal goods and run away only to return 10 minutes later.

By the time I was back on the metro, I knew the Colosseum would have to wait. I took my final steps of the day back to the hostel for a sound sleep.

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