Hot! Endless Spring

On my last weekend in Arizona, Spring arrives. I ride my bike through the neighborhood and everyone is outside doing chores, chatting and happy. Children randomly wave. Adults smile…. Spring is my favorite season for just this reason. It’s not just the relief from the cold weather, but the joy and attitude that comes with it. It is the beginning and filled with potential.

As I circle the streets, I see my friends and check out their latest project – just something to do during climbing rest days. My neighbors are fixing their houses, and the coffee shop has the doors wide open. The smell of roasting beans fills the air from a block away. Soon, blooming citrus, jasmine and desert wildflowers will create their own unique and intoxicating perfume of Arizona spring. But I’ll miss it this year.

A few days later, I am back in Winter, pulling a suitcase through Milan as it begins to sleet. I am wearing every jacket I packed. The next day it is gray and cold as the train pulls into Finale. The rain is gone, but a north wind roars through the small streets, cutting through all my jackets and my very thin hat.

But Spring is not far away. Sunday morning, one week from the tour of my Arizona neighborhood, I am sitting in Piazza Garibalidi of FinalBorgo and my scenes of Spring are translated into Italian. The sun is out, the wind is gone. The piazza is filled with a market and everyone is outside chatting and happy. Children and dogs run around the streets. Adults smile and wave.

I see my friends and they invite me to lunch and Genoa for the Spring Fair. As the shops close, the smells of home cooking fill the air. Soon blooming citrus, jasmine and northern European fruits and vegetables will create their own unique and intoxicating perfume of Italian spring. And I will be here for it all.

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