Hot! The End of an ‘Erra

It’s never easy to let go of the things you care about. This is turning into a year of goodbyes, including a tough one today.

Three years ago, I exchanged a soccer mom friendly Honda CRV for something more fitting to my backcountry road, rock climbing lifestyle. The Xterra flashed its 4-wheel drive and fold flat seats at me and we’ve been the best of friends ever since. It’s taken me, climbing friends, back seats stuffed with gear, and many a bouldering pad to Joshua Tree, Red Rocks, Lower Devil’s, Enchanted Tower, and Groom Creek.

Even in less extreme adventures, it was a superstar – transporting five city girls to hiking destinations, tailgating with a gaggle of Ducks at the Rose Bowl, and hauling random bocce court supplies.

Today the lease was up and it was with much hesitation that I drove it to the dealership, took a few photos, and walked away with the license plate in my bag. From now on it’s a scooter and bike life for me. Why you may wonder? That’s for another post.

Until then, I sit at Boulders bar (within walking distance, of course) and raise a glass. So long XCAN. I’ll see you in another life.

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