Hot! Enchanted Tower

The Land of Enchantment lies to the east of Arizona and just 60 miles across the border near the center of both states sits the Enchanted Tower. At 8,000 feet, it is an ideal summer climbing road trip.

Garn and I managed to sneak away from work on Friday and by mid afternoon had met Jeff at his campsite directly below the tower. It was like an inverted 35 meter pyramid watching over us as we unpacked. With virtually no approach, we were climbing in less than an hour.

The routes on the tower and the walls surrounding it were bulgy pockets requiring big pulls. Not my style and also not my elevation. I was winded after the warm up 5.9s, but started to find a groove when we moved to Jeff’s project – the Golden Stairs. The 35 meter route up the east side of the tower started with face moves that were perfect for me. Until I lost my breath and sight of the holds. I spit off and was swinging and spinning above New Mexico. Also not my style… With the inverted shape of the the tower, there’s no reaching back onto the rock on this route. Garn and Jeff moved up the rest as I belayed from the ground.

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