Hot! Crossroads

I am two weeks into my trip and am at a crossroads. I took some down time Sunday, returning to Logroño and hanging out in the hostel. I had hoped to have a big breakfast, see a movie, do some laundry. Regular Sunday things back home. But nobody does big sit down breakfasts in Spain. I settled for orange juice and a pastry and walked around looking for a laundromat. I saw plenty of wash on the line, but no place that would do it for me, so it was back to the sink for me.

I hung out at the hostel – really a dorm room – and watched my iPod instead of a movie. It felt good to do nothing, but I have a decision to make – north or south. I need to be in Nice by Thursday and have a flight booked from Madrid to Milan. I could go south, catch that flight and climb with my friends in Italy. Or I could push on to the north, get back into France and better food. Right now, I am tired of moving.

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