Hot! Craic Addict

As a marketing person, I’m a sucker for a well-executed party or theme event. But for the Irish, good music, drink and conversation isn’t a gimmick. What is commonly known as the craic, is just a natural way of life on the Emerald Isle. Or so I hope to find out.

I got my first taste of craic years ago laughing and singing along to American Pie at Kell’s in Portland on a rainy night. It was one of those “just right” bars that never got too hot or too cold inside. Where stepping out into the rain was refreshing. At least for a few minutes.

We have our share of Irish pubs in Arizona, but it wasn’t until I rang in New Year’s 2009 at The Field in San Diego where I felt that craic high again. I was hooked on the concept.

Of course it was New Year’s, Ireland time and as I stepped out onto the still-sunny San Diego streets, I decided I needed to see just how authentic this idea of communal music and fun really was. So I added the land of James Joyce, Pierce Brosnan, and shiny pots of gold to my travel list.

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