Hot! Closing the Book

About 10 years ago my friend Sheila called and told me to get my passport. She wanted to go to London. I tracked down my birth certificate, went to the passport office and in a couple of weeks had a little blue book. A few months later, Sheila and I were in London and Paris.

I thought I should make the most of the $120 it cost me to rush order my passport, so I vowed to use it every year. From that first stamp at Gatwick on April 1, 2000 to the last stamp returning to the U.S. via JFK on May 19, 2009, I’ve done my best to keep that promise. I’ve been to nine countries, some more than once, and my list for new travels continues to grow.

Last week, I got a cheesy photo at Costco, filled out my paperwork and sent that original blue book in for a new post-911 model. Even though I don’t have any trips planned, not having that book in hand for any spontaneous adventure makes me a little nervous.

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