Hot! Foursquare As Travel Guide

What started as an experiment using Twitter for work has quickly made me an advocate of social media as a travel tool. I was excited to read about something new the city of Chicago is doing with Foursquare.

Foursquare, is a smart phone game that’s all the rage with Tweeters these days. Players check into places using their phones or GPS device, then earn points to use at participating businesses, get tips from other players, etc.

Now Chicago has created a kind of geocaching version of the game and using it to promote the city. The marketing gal in me l-u-v, loves this! Foursquare players can earn badges by visiting notable places in the city all while getting tips and facts about those places.

I have to give thanks to the latest issue of National Geographic Traveler, where I first read about this. It’s just another way social media can be your guidebook without pages.

Explore Chicago with Foursquare
twitter: @explorechicago
twitter: @NatGeoTraveler

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