Hot! Bulls Eye!

One of the best parts of the International Sportsmen’s Expo was the chance to try out some different sports. There was a fishing tank and an archery range. Sure, everything was miniature, including the participants, but that didn’t stop me from trying. I signed up for the chance to shoot an arrow for the first time.

I arrived at my lesson with my little classmates and despite only having 8 or 9 years on them, nearly half had already used a bow and arrow. And many of those had their own at home. No worries. I had brute strength on my side! The lesson was quick and soon we were at the target line drawing back our quivers and taking aim…. My first two attempts hit the curtain and I blame my height. I aimed more toward the targets on the ground, hit my mark, then stepped back to watch a tiny 8 year old girl nab three bulls eyes on her first attempt.

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