Hot! Brew Tour 3 – Odell

With a short day left in Fort Collins before I caught my 5 o’clock flight back to Arizona, what better to do then finish the brewery circuit. I hopped on Ingrid’s beach cruiser to meet her for lunch in Downtown FC, then road the extra mile to the Odell Brewing Co.

It was an overcast but warm summer day and the quaint, dark tasting room was welcome relief. I felt naive that just a few days before, I’d never even heard of Odell. I’d tried their classic 5 Barrel Pale Ale during lunch and was impressed. Now it was time for something more exotic. I ordered up the sampler of pilot beers. They ranged from a Orange Blossom Honey Ale, to a red beet IPA, to a rich Nitro Porter.

Strange as it sounds, veggies and beer do mix. Ze Bolshevik was my favorite of the bunch. The beets sweetened the IPA just enough to mellow the hops.

Odell had won me over and I was excited to learn their distribution range is growing. Now I could easily find them in Arizona.

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