Hot! Brew Tour 4 – Ft. Collins Brewing

A half-dozen people stared at me as I walked into the tiny Fort Collins Brewery tasting room. “I have 30 minutes to taste all your beers and buy a T-shirt!” I proclaimed and everyone let out a cheer.

The bartender handed me a glass of water before he poured my sampler tray. The FCB was a long 2 miles from the Odell Brewery, and I was pushing the odds to make this final stop before meeting my ride to the airport. As I cooled off, I scanned the wall of Fort Collins memorabilia. This was the smallest brewery I’d been to. The tasting room was the size of my living room and dominated by the bar, surprisingly full for mid-week.

The sampler was 8 beers deep. I tasted but only selected a few to finish. My palate unfortunately was overworked from my Odell stop. I chatted with the other groups – all locals with out of town friends – then said my goodbyes.

The 30 minutes disappeared quickly. I left with my T-shirts for a mad race back to Ingrid’s house on the bike. My beer / carb load gave me the energy, and I had just enough time to wash my face and change my shirt before the Super Shuttle driver knocked on the door.

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