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After another day of climbing on Tuesday, Heinz tells me Rafaella has invited us to dinner at The Bandit. I am very excited to see her again and sample her cooking. Staying at the agri that night are a group of “elder men” cycling through Northern Italy. They speak little English. Also there are Luca the climber, the Bandit and another Elisa (not Luca’s girlfriend).

Rafe has prepared a feast that fuses the Napoli recipes she grew up on, the seafood of Finale and the herbs of her garden. It is simple, tasty, and with a dozen hungry athletes, gone in less than an hour.

– Salmon (with potatoes and tomatoes and pine nuts)
– Pasta with pesto and shrimp
– Trout with artichokes and tomatoes
– Salad

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  1. In questa cena la Raffa ha superato sé stessa!

    Luca (the climber)

  2. Luca,

    Grazie per leggi mio blog! Speso che tui viaggio a Pakistan e bene. Visto l’anno prossimo!

  3. leggo solo ora..
    ma veramente è stata una supermegacena!

    tutto una favola!

    Ciao Lily! 🙂

    Elisa (not luca’s girlfriend)