Hot! Best of 08

I visited four countries (U.S. not included), and thanks to a road trip with my sis, set foot in seven states outside Arizona. Not a bad year. While there are plenty of memories, here are my favorites of 2008.

5. Learning to Fall at Red Rocks
I had to face my fears and learn how to take lead falls and Red Rocks was the appropriate setting – like returning to the scene of a crime. The class was only a first – big – step. It took me several months before I was leading again.

4. Riding San Francisco’s Cable Cars
Josh and I played tourists in the City by the Bay, taking in the views from the side rails of the trollies.

3. Being Audrey Hepburn in Amsterdam
Thanks to a random meeting of strangers, I saw Amsterdam the way Audrey saw Rome – on the back of a bike with one of the locals.

2. Driving Through a Tree in the Redwoods
Josh’s first view of a Redwood was a childhood memory for me when we drove through the 350 foot Chandelier tree on our way to the Redwood National Forest.

1. Climbing Pianarella
Those falling lessons paid off in Italy by teaching me how to face my fears when my friend Heinz took me up seven pitches and 250 meters (820 feet!) of this Finale classic.

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  1. I thought for sure the Girls Night out would be somewhere on the list… I am guessing a close 6th place?

  2. Yes – of course! I guess I’ll have to do a runner’s up list 🙂