Hot! Belize: Two Countries in One

Belize is a small country. It’s possible to stand on top of a Mayan pyramid and look out over the jungle in the morning and fall asleep to the sounds of the Caribbean Sea in the evening.  And that’s the rub. While Belize is geographically no bigger than the state of Massachusetts, it’s easy to get fooled into thinking you can see it all in one week. From the jungles on the west side, to the islands and beaches on the east, Belize has two distinct personalities. Each is worthy of at least one week of travel.

In true GFA form, I did my best to make seven days feel like 14. I saw the highlights of the backpacker circuit, slept in jungle cabins, slept in beach-side cabanas, and snorkeled with sea turtles. But I also detoured off the tourist track to see Belize’s less developed villages and discovered the distinct national pride Belize has for its food, beer, music and life.

Belize is an excellent vacation spot for backpackers, resort seekers, and families. A safe, English-speaking country, embracing the international tourism it attracts. It’s also very affordable. All reasons why I’ve added Belize to my “Return” list.

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