Hot! Back to the Future

Last year’s birthday celebration in Finale is hard to top, and given that it was one of those milestones to a fresh decade I didn’t try. Instead, I’ve been transitioning back into summer life in the desert with the Phoenix gang.

One week Keeley invited a group out for 80s night at a Scottsdale bar. I assumed it meant the bar would play 80s music and people would dress in costume, but two days before the event, we found out it would only be us in retro garb. “It will be fun,” she insisted. And how could I resist. It was one of my favorite decades.

Of course, I was the only one not in diapers during the Reagan days, and that made me the 80s expert. Keeley and I scoured Goodwill for her Valley Girl outfit and I showed her how to cut the neck out of an old sweatshirt. The next day, I fielded calls as she searched for a Miami Vice outfit for Steve. And more than once I had to tell members of our group eager to find an old “brick phone” that cell phones were a 90s invention.

At four in the morning our wilted breakfast club sat around a table at Denny’s, the harsh florescent lighting accenting our bad 80s make up, and we all agreed Keeley was right. It was fun.

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