Hot! Adventure Expo

The man behind me on the escalator was carrying a set of antlers. Several women had leopard print purses. There were wonderful aromas of candied almonds and cooking meat. Josh and I were making our way to the ground floor of the University of Phoenix Stadium. Usually the home turf for our NFC Champion Phoenix Cardinals, this weekend the stadium was transformed into the temporary playland of guns, fishing and adventure… Otherwise known as the International Sportsmen’s Expo.

As we started to wander the aisles, something whizzed over our heads. We were passing the fly fishing demo area and learned quickly to keep our heads low. Arizona Game and Wildlife had half dozen rattle snakes all indigenous to Arizona on display. Even in their plastic cages I was closer than I wanted to be. They also had beautiful birds of prey. We signed up for prizes, saw pimped out kayaks, and got some tips on baiting for bass fishing.

There were tour companies for every adventure – off road, safaris, and fishing. Inspiring, but after two hours, we moved on to the unglamorous side of adventure travel – car washing and laundry.

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