Hot! 3 Universal Truths of Travel

Travel enough and patterns begin to emerge no matter what country you’re in. Whether you style is city or backcountry, hostel or four star, Europe or third world, these universal truths will help make the most of your experience.

Always Leave Before 10
If your itinerary includes multiple cities, you will need to plan travel from one destination to another. While the urge to sleep in may be strong, ignore it on your travel day and get on that train, plane, bus or car before 10 am. Why? Because by noon, you’ll be in your next city with plenty of day left to find lodging and take in one, two or more activities. Why? Because in the transportation schedules of the world, the last morning train or bus always leaves by 10 am. Miss it and you’ll be waiting until 1 or 2 before you can get out of town. Why? Because even in the best of countries, air conditioning on mass transportation is scarce. It’s much nicer, and sometimes less crowded, to travel before the day heats up.

On the Third Day, Rest
If you read this blog, you’ll know I hit the ground running when I start my trips. I push myself through any jet lag with a short nap, but make myself do at least one thing on my first day. I’ll be up at 7 the next day for markets and breakfast, put in a full day and then go out for dinner and nightlife. The energy and excitement, and sometimes a good macchiato keeps me going, but eventually the body needs rest. For me, this always happens on day three. Listen to your body and plan accordingly. Schedule relaxing activities on your rest day. Let yourself sleep in. Ideally, if this day is a Sunday, everyone else in the country will be doing the same. It’s another commonality of humanity. Everyone chills on Sunday.

Always Rent a Bike
Look around when you arrive in a new town. How are people getting from one place to another? If it’s not by mass transit, it will be on two wheels. A bicycle or moped is a great way to see a city. You can wander down side streets, make quick stops, and start conversations with the locals. And for a cost usually under $20 a day, you can save give your feet a little vacation too.

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